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Jerry David DeCicca has two, maybe three records coming out in 2017. His productivity is THROUGH THE ROOF. Friends, new and old, have helped him record a ton of new songs. One record was started here in Texas and lovingly completed—with a honest-to-goodness jazz ensemble and a mini gospel choir—all the way over in the UK. Another full-band record was made recorded last month way out on the border in West Texas, with Jerry's favorite drummer (he played on Moondance, FFS). He also recorded another record close to home, with Texas legend and vox inspiration Augie Meyers. He's been busy!

When he wasn't writing and recording his own stuff, he was helping others make music. RIght now, he's producing a Texas singer-songwriter and long haul trucker's first record in 40 years, but I'll let him tell you about that later.
Understanding Land, the debut album from Jerry David DeCicca, was self-released (with Electric Ragtime) May 27th in the US/ June 2 Worldwide.  Available digitally, on CD and limited edition vinyl. 
Recorded throughout the US and UK and mixed by Stuart Sikes (Cat Power, White Stripes), it includes appearances by Will Oldham, Kelley Deal (The Breeders), and the legendary Spooner Oldham (Muscle Shoals, Dylan, Neil Young).


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