Jerry David DeCicca is a songwriter, record-maker, and producer that lives in Bulverde, Texas with his partner, his dog, 3 cats, and 5 toads. He has released 3 solo albums and produced records for legendary artists like Larry Jon Wilson, Ed Askew, Chris Gantry, Will Beeley and assisted in many other musical projects. His former band, The Black Swans, released records and toured between 2004-2011. He is currently prepping his next album, writing a novel, and doing yard work. He owns and operates a vocational rehabilitation agency that serves the Hill Country and surrounding areas.

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"If you somehow think that you like the band Spiritualized but not the Bob Dylan album Nashville Skyline then Jerry David DeCicca is on the scene to prove you wrong." --Tyler Mahan Coe, Cocaine & Rhinestones podcast

“… a thing of gentle and radian wonder, a psycho-geographical diary of the Texas Hill Country that he now calls home. In many ways, Time The Teacher feels ageless, its defining characteristics being soft piano, muted horns and gospel harmonies, all moving along with the same unhurried serenity as DeCicca’s voice.” Uncut - Americana Album of The Month (MARCH, 2018)

"DeCicca has learned some significant lessons from his tenure on this Earth.” Stereogum

“...a remarkable feat of empathy, so tender and calm, and always a quietly good cheer.” The FADER

"DeCicca is a careful, precise songwriter, but the songs don't necessarily sound written. Instead, they seem like they occurred to him naturally and ineluctably. " -- Pitchfork

"DeCicca's songs have always been steeped in the kinds of subjective truth that we find in history, movies, literature, and music. He uses allusion, metaphor, and history to weave his own hybrid mythology…” All Music

“...there is a delightful delicacy of touch in his compositions and vocal delivery that deserves attention.” The Line Of Best Fit

“… engages with the big, timeless subjects we expect to find in poetry—love, place and the ghosts of place, loss, memory—but it’s also full of the delicious particulars of a particular life...” —Maggie Smith, author of Good Bones

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