Walks On the Beach- Adoption Tapes / by Jerry DeCicca

Don't be scared, but I made an avant-garde folk/noise album with my good buddy, Mike Shiflet.

The group is called Walks On the Beach and the album is called Adoption Tapes. Released by the exceptional Scioto Records, you can buy it here. I recommend listening to it while taking a walk on the beach, but not with someone you love. Probably best alone.

A nice note was made of the album by Marc Masters in his 200 Words series on The Out Door. Aquarium Drunkard wrote something nice, too.

A video was made (that's Mike and I in the cave, but don't ask me who the extra was because he didn't have a SAG card). Good way to hear one of the long jams.

The making of this album was way outside my comfort zone and a pretty big step away from my singer-songwriter vibes, but I'm really proud of it and hope to make another with Mike down the road.