Richard Buckner: Bloomed, (mis?) remembered, & the "abyss of shame" / by Jerry DeCicca

Aquarium Drunkard is the best music blog on both INternets, right? The writing is top notch and the voices they cover are diverse, exceptional, radical, and often marginalized by mainstream society. Dude that runs it lives in L.A., too. I've never met him face-to-face, but clearly he's one of the righteous. Why? Because he did something for me? Well, pretty much. He let me gush about Richard Buckner's debut that pretty much changed my life artistically. That said, had I never heard RB at such an early age and been influenced by his drive to create uncompromising albums I would have felt more alone in the world or sold a lot more records. Definitely not both.

Read about my post-pubescent folk-crush here.