Arlo Guthrie: The Warner/Reprise Years / by Jerry DeCicca

I wrote a book review. I'll spare you my thoughts on the book here, as it was published by the fine folks at American Songwriter. You'll have to pardon one typo, otherwise, I stand by it all. 

The first time I saw Arlo, I was 15 years old. I snuck out of the condo on a school night to a music club called Bogart's, a forbidden place due to some knuckle-head stabbing another knuckle-head after a King Diamond concert the month before. I got busted when my mom found my souvenir tee-shirt that mapped out a garbage trail in the dirty clothes bin and she put two-and-two together. It was worth it, though, as Arlo did not disappoint. He combined his warm and wise folk with politics, depth, and humor in a way that I will always remember. He turned me on to a lot of good stuff: Steve Goodman, Victor Jara, Ramblin' Jack. Not bad for a kid that just got his temporary driver's license. 

Here's Arlo doing a song that a kid or a grandma could love. It's from a TV special I taped off PBS when I was in 7th grade. That show also turned me on to Bonnie Raitt (who sang Prine's "Angel From Montgomery") and David Bromberg. So despite the poor video quality, I've a got a soft spot for this.

I highly recommend all of Arlo's 70s records.