Elyse Weinberg- Greasepaint Smile by Jerry DeCicca

One of the highlights of the last year was working on the Elyse Weinberg release for the nice people/my part-time employers at Numerophon. It features Nils Lofgren, JD Souther, and a dude that is still Rockin' in the Free World. The album sat un-released for over 40 years. Being able to research its history, write the liner notes, and get to know Elyse (now Cori) was a thrill and something I'll always be proud of.

Here's a video that gives you a small taste of its greatness.

Walks On the Beach- Adoption Tapes by Jerry DeCicca

Don't be scared, but I made an avant-garde folk/noise album with my good buddy, Mike Shiflet.

The group is called Walks On the Beach and the album is called Adoption Tapes. Released by the exceptional Scioto Records, you can buy it here. I recommend listening to it while taking a walk on the beach, but not with someone you love. Probably best alone.

A nice note was made of the album by Marc Masters in his 200 Words series on The Out Door. Aquarium Drunkard wrote something nice, too.

A video was made (that's Mike and I in the cave, but don't ask me who the extra was because he didn't have a SAG card). Good way to hear one of the long jams.

The making of this album was way outside my comfort zone and a pretty big step away from my singer-songwriter vibes, but I'm really proud of it and hope to make another with Mike down the road.

Broken Bottle, Broken Mind by Jerry DeCicca

Here's another thing I forgot (besides my password to this account), Jerry David DeCicca with a lot of help from Eve Searls and Don Cento, recorded the song "Broken Bottle" by Alejandro Escovedo for the Bloodshot anniversary compilation. Our tune has was singled out in most of the reviews and it is blowing up Canadian radio (well, at least on one station...).

I go way back with Alejandro. I picked him up on the side of the road in Cleveland when I was 20 years old. We had a solid hang that day, trading songs and other things in his hotel room. You can ask him about this, but I doubt it is very memorable to him.

Here's a live version we recorded in Don's living room for Bloodshot's website. Enjoy, and make sure to pick up the double disc tribute. Hiss Golden Messenger, Handsome Family, Blitzen Trapper, and lots more.

Broken Bottle.

Holy Heck! Another (!?!?!) bad dream... by Jerry DeCicca

How did I forget to past this back in the dark days of November? Maybe this video for my song, Another Bad Dream, just hit to close to home. Or, just maybe, it slipped my mind. Even a steel trap rusts, even an elephant, once he turns 40, forgets. Please enjoy this as another is right around the corner (video, not bad dream).

Another Bad Dream

Aquarium Drunkard - Video Premiere by Jerry DeCicca

While I was away from my desk for the last three months, Aquarium Drunkard premiered the video for "Colors in the Sky", Magnet (print edition, tUnE-yArDs cover) did a nice feature, I cancelled things, ran out of cell phone-GPS juice and drove around for 67 days straight, other nice reviews popped up, I was knighted by the Numero Group to champion their Numerophon imprint, pestered to produce several older gentlemen that use an acoustic guitar as their hammer, and picked all the plums from my plum tree. Busy times. Here is the belated post of the fine video, directed by Jonathan Dortch and starring Stanley B. Hermann from many Darren Aronofsky flicks. East coast dates coming soon.

Richard Buckner: Bloomed, (mis?) remembered, & the "abyss of shame" by Jerry DeCicca

Aquarium Drunkard is the best music blog on both INternets, right? The writing is top notch and the voices they cover are diverse, exceptional, radical, and often marginalized by mainstream society. Dude that runs it lives in L.A., too. I've never met him face-to-face, but clearly he's one of the righteous. Why? Because he did something for me? Well, pretty much. He let me gush about Richard Buckner's debut that pretty much changed my life artistically. That said, had I never heard RB at such an early age and been influenced by his drive to create uncompromising albums I would have felt more alone in the world or sold a lot more records. Definitely not both.

Read about my post-pubescent folk-crush here.